5 Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Photographer


A Bride's Guide To Getting Her Ideal Photography


Welcome to a new series I will be starting as a great resource to brides! Throughout this series, I will be sharing inside tips, tricks, and thoughts on all things related to wedding photography! This is the most dynamic aspect of your wedding day and can cause a lot of stress and be costly on time if you aren't well prepared.

I hope all of this information will leave you confident and ready to rock your wedding photography!

So, my 5 tips for choosing your perfect wedding photographer are:

1. Make Sure You Click

It is my firm belief that personality should be your #1 factor when choosing a wedding photographer. Some people may gawk at me for saying that, especially when you're talking about putting your future heirloom images on the line for a good personality. But I still believe it whole-heartedly and I'll explain why.

Your wedding photographer is the vendor you will spend the most time with both leading up to and on your wedding day. In fact, you'll spend more time with him/her than even your guests! It is so important for such a joyous occasion that this person is someone you enjoy spending some time with. Also, if you are comfortable and having fun with your photographer this will certainly show through in pictures! You will be so much more relaxed and joyful!

There are a lot of photographers in your area with roughly the same style and image quality but you aren't going to click with all of them.

2. Choose Someone Whose Style Matches Your Preference

Everyone gravitates toward different things and a style of photography is one of them. Before trying to narrow down wedding photographers, figure out what style you like best by going on Pinterest or wedding-related websites and look through them. Do you like the look of bright images (light and airy) or dark and moody? Do you enjoy the coloring of film photography or the crisp natural look of digital?

Another thing to consider when you're looking at styles of photography is taking the scenery of your wedding venue into account. For example, if you are getting married in a dark and moody old castle, a light and airy photographer might not be the best fit for that venue.

Figuring this out will help you narrow down to photographers who shoot the style you like best.

3. Their Greatest Strength Should Be Your Favorite Photographic Element

When you are looking at a wedding photographer's work on their website and social media, they almost always have a lot more images showcased from one aspect of the wedding day than the rest . (Example: details, couple portraits, bridal party portraits, reception images, etc.)

This is the category that is their greatest strength on a wedding day and an aspect that they dedicate a lot of time and energy into cultivating. Maybe one wedding photographer is a master at arranging wedding details, they want to attract brides who swoon over every detail image they see on Pinterest.

So I suggest deciding what images are the absolute most important to you and find a photographer that really excels in that area.

4. Know The Coverage and Products You Want

While we all wish we could book exactly what we want without considering finances, but your budget is an important thing to consider when deciding on a wedding photographer. Start by contacting several photographers you like and ask for their pricing information. Calculate what everything you want for your wedding will cost. A lot of photographers don't include everything you may want into one package so make sure you find out the additional costs for those things.

Consider: Do you want an engagement session, bridal session, or other additional sessions? How many hours of wedding coverage will suit your needs? How many photographers? Do you want digital files, prints, an album?

You should be aware that photography coverage will be a larger portion of your budget. Somewhere in the same range as your venue. I may be a little biased but your photography will be worth it's investment. After all, it is the only portion of your wedding day that will remain once it's all over. The memory of your wedding will live on for generations through your photographs.

5. Start Looking Early

Photography should be the second item you check off your wedding to-do list after your venue. Photographers book up a year to two in advance, so in order to make sure you are able to secure your ideal person, contact them soon after your date is booked! You don't want to run into a situation where you are just looking at booking at photographers simply because they are still available not because of their work.

I hope you find these tips helpful and feel prepared and confident when you start looking for your ideal photographer!!

Until next time, with love!


With so many decisions to make throughout planning a wedding, I hope you can use this guide to ease some of the stress and get a jump start on making your dreams a reality!

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