Stephanee & Drew | Engaged


A Zebulon, North Carolina Lakeside Engagement


When I pulled into the parking lot for my engagement session with Stephanee and Drew, one of the first things Stephanee said was "I made some props to use in our session, I hope that's ok." Ummm, of course! I was hooked right then. She can craft and hand-letter like I've already dreamed I could. The signs and flowers added the perfect personal touches that made this session so unique and creative just like them!

We started at a local pond and waterfall called Perrys Pond to grab a few shots because it is the stop where Drew proposed to Stephanie!!

Drew loves to fish and Stephanee made the perfect sign to go with their theme. So we went to another lake on their friend's property where we could have the place to ourselves.

Check out Stephanee's ring!! And I told you the props were amazing?!

I love the sweet shots of them enjoying some fishing. You can never beat incorporating your interests and who you are as a couple.

It also makes for some fun moments.... Right after the shots above, Drew nearly caught a fish without even trying!!

He's not shown in pictures but we had a duck from the farm come visit us. He followed Drew around like a little puppy, which was so cute! But I couldn't get too close cuz I swear that duck was not a fan of mine. (Yes, I was scared of a duck haha...)

You can imagine my excitement when we discovered a vintage car near the lake!

It was like Stephanee's sign with their wedding date was made to go on this car.

I have to say that I am just so proud of this last image. It is so beautiful and vintage!

But I can't take all the credit. Drew, who is our Pinterest guru, did that arm pose all on his own!

Until next time, with love!


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