Lauren & Scott | Engaged


Swoon-Worthy Golden Hour Engagement Session at Historic Oak View Park Raleigh, NC


We wandered around waiting out the sun for the perfect golden light and boy did we get it!

Lauren and Scott are such a sweet and easy-going couple. We had two locations in mind but after seeing all that Historic Oak Park had to offer and dedicating to our mission of the perfect sunset, we decided to hang around the park. We laughed, joked, and Scott bragged about his big moment in the spotlight!

I'll tell ya, this couple did not need me hardly at all! They were able to be themselves and it truly shows in these sweet and fun images! Almost every image, Lauren is dying laughing from Scott whispering in her ear and it was amazing!

You can see in one of the images, we way he is looking at her after he made her laugh. That is the exact embodiment of love - you could never explain that moment in words but you can feel it!

Here are some of my favorites from the day:

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