Erin & Josh


A Hagan Stone Park Elopement Session


So much of our lives look different then when we first met, soon after college, at our first adult jobs at LabCorp. Erin dreamed of being a Physicians Assistant and I a wedding photographer. We struggled together and hustled together. Five years later, I am so happy to say that we have achieved our goals and so much more.

One of the unanticipated blessings to come into Erin's life was Josh. The first time Erin introduced us to Josh, we knew that this was special. He has a warm and endearing personality that makes you feel like you've known him for years even though you just met. I've never seen Erin so happy!

I was too excited when I heard Erin and Josh had gotten engaged. I knew I needed to finally get this girl in front of my camera, so we planned to do an engagement session. Well several rounds of school, new job, scheduling, and sickness issues kept pushing it back. One night, when we were finally certain this was actually going to happen, Erin and I were making preparations for the session. I said to her: "Don't forget to clean your ring, I'm going to take pictures of it!" To which I got a response of "Well you'll actually have two rings to photograph because we got married!!"


I was so shocked and excited at the same time!!

Deciding to forgo wedding planning, they chose to go down to the courthouse in the spur of the moment when family was in town. They figured.. what better time than now?!

And just like that, they were hitched!!

As I've said, nothing with this shoot went how we had originally planned it, so why would our location have been any different? After driving to the park we chose, there was a live concert that evening. So we had to quickly change to Hagan Stone Park in Pleasant Garden.

Even though this wasn't our original plan, I think it really worked out because they have the cutest little chapel that was perfectly fitting for this elopement session!

Our whole family went to this session with our dear friends. So of course, Sienna had to jump in for one.

Erin and Josh picked out some gorgeous rings!!

I used the flowers Sienna picked for that ring shot. She's very proud of that lol.

I love that this profession allows me the opportunity to capture special moments in time for people I love. It has been the greatest honor to bring their story to photographs that will carry through generations to come.

Until next time, with love!


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