Behind The Scenes of 2018

The Sweet, Fun & Ugly Shots - Real Life On A Wedding Day

This year was such an exciting one with 18 weddings and a ton of sessions. Wedding days are my favorite - they are emotional, fun, and hard work! Now that most of the hard work is done for the year, it's time to get silly!

Let's look through some of the not-so glamorous shots we took this year.

Some of our lesser known job titles include dress fluffer, veil tosser, bouquet holder, and boutonnière pinner. Whatever job needs to be done, we're there to help!

One of my great loves is all the details!

No matter what the shot, I'll get in some crazy positions to get it.

We love spending time with our couples and getting to meet family and friends on such a joyous day.

Check out the flower girl from one wedding - she was so cute and followed Cody around most of the night!

Of course we have to test our lighting - sometimes we're into it and sometimes we're not lol!

Some truly horrific faces come out of these. They are also a fun laugh when one pops up on screen during editing.

Ugh and this terrible thing on Cody's face... November is my least favorite month of the year because of the mustache. I know it's for charity but I'm still allowed to hate it right?!

All the hard work pays off when I get to see my couples, family, & friends enjoy a few newlywed shots on their slideshow. I just started the slideshow this year and it is now my favorite part!

And sometimes you get lucky enough to get mini fans! This view just melted my heart!

Bonus: This is obviously not a wedding picture but this is from my sweet friend Jess's maternity shoot. Shooting your friends is great because you can bring your kids lol!

Thank you to everyone who made 2018 such an amazing year!!

Happy New Year!


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