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The Session That Almost Wasn't

It had been the perfect aligning of events for this session since Emily's mom found me and asked if I could do this session when she was already so close to her due date. We quickly scheduled their session but she was going to be 39 weeks at the time. Susan, Emily's mom, very fittingly named it an "extreme" maternity session!! I love it.

We just prayed that baby Noah would sit tight until we got these pictures done! Like it wasn't stressful enough, Emily's doctors had been monitoring her blood pressure and she had an appointment to assess how she and baby was doing the morning of our session. After begging two different doctors, Emily got cleared to do the session if she agreed to go to the hospital to have Noah the next morning!

What a whirlwind!!

But boy was it worth it... The park and lighting were gorgeous and Emily and Tim were so in sync will one another! We had fun and got some amazing images. I think getting your picture taken causes some anxiety for a lot of people but not Emily. What an awe-inspiring spirit she has! The session was a stress reliever for her and she left reinvigorated and a little more ready to meet their son!

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